Dairy Queen

Yesterday was a speech day . Our routine is to go Dairy Queen after and her food and a desert for her .
Well yesterday I didn’t have the bank card and I had very little cash on me . I thought I should have enough to at least her her an ice cream . Im pretty sure she knows by which way we drive if we are doing to Dairy Queen . I tell her we are just getting ice cream and she smiles . So we get there and I ask her does she want a chocolate ice cream ( hot fudge sundae ) or an Oreo ice cream ( blizzard ) and there a no pictures ( they changed the pics on the menu ) so I make a fist kind of like the sign for yes with one hand for chocolate and the the other hand for the blizzard and have her point to to which one she wants . Today she chose chocolate , of course now I’m thinking the hot fudge sundae isn’t chocolate ( I over think everything lol but I’m trying to teach her to make her own choices ) so I order the hot fudge sundae with chocolate Jimmies ( sprinkles ) on it . So she was perfectly happy with it and we drove home and I dropped her off with her siblings and went back to work .

Later on that night we are at the table after dinner, and it was her me and my husband and I say did we go to Dairy Queen today ? And she signs yes and nods . Now I am thinking will she say she has chicky and French fries like she says everytime ? Does she actually understand and retain the information . Is it just repetition ?
Then I say tell Daddy what you got , she says icecream and then she says something else which I don’t understand but she makes a hand gesture while saying it . I hate not being able to understand when she is trying to communicate . Then I realize she said ice cream and then sprinkles she was gesturing sprinkles !! I was like yes icecream with sprinkles !
She knows exactly what she had . She is so smart ! This made my night 💜 Sometimes you really have to listen with more than your ears . I wish I took a video next time I will .







This picture is from Sunday where she proudly independently ordered Sprite !! She is so proud of herself which is the best part 😍

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