Speech device

Alyssa is doing great at speech . She is going twice a week. We got her a new IPad and we hoping to get her to use the Proloquo2Go app on it . She currently is not using her old IPad will not use at school at all. This means she has no way to communicate or for anyone to explain what’s going on , which is not good . We have worked on some other apps on it and she was willing to do it , which is a good first step . One the hardest parts of her being non verbal is that you can’t explain things to her . She doesn’t understand it benefits her and that it will give her more of a voice .

Two little boys in the speech waiting room were making fun of her . ( They were autistic twins but verbal ) one was repeating her sounds and word attempts , the other came right up to us and said you talk weird . Her face for visibly upset and she put her head on my shoulder , normally she would not be affected by this . I don’t what she understood but she understood something . She is making so many more connections lately . I know they weren’t trying to mean just curious and obviously did not have a filter . It was surprising she understood though . She went with her therapist ( she was like I’m out of here 🙃 and had a great session ) we will see what happens when we introduce the New IPad with the Proloquo2Go app … fingers crossed 😊

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