The hoodie

I’ve been on this autism journey for a long time . It’s a tough journey and it’s filled with so many emotions ; sadness , frustration , confusion , hope , joy , love , pride , depression , anxiety , heartbreak , it is a never ending cycle .

The one think I have learned is you have to take the good with the bad . Yes I said bad .There are parts of autism that suck . You have to learn to laugh .
Sometimes at yourself , Sometimes at the situation. It has taken a long time for me to get here , it won’t happen overnight .

Every single morning would end in tears , mornings are much better but still hard . I have learned to not get as upset by this mishaps . I have learned to sometimes just give in.

Yesterday morning I attempted to get Alyssa to wear her winter jacket . There are three options ;
Her black zip up sweatshirt with a hood ,
Her black winter coat , Nothing
No in between no switching back and fourth
I say to her in a really positive voice , let’s where this coat today it’s cold out . It’s time to wear this jacket as I pick it up .

She is sitting on her bed looks at me , starts screaming at the top of her lungs , throws her self back onto the bed still screaming . Her van is coming to pick her up in five minutes . I said fine wear the other one which I handed it to her , while trying to decided if I want to laugh or be annoyed .

This day I shake my head and smile

She is as stubborn as they come

Non verbal , autism She gets her point across ~




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