Dance comp

We made it through another dance competition weekend !!
The second in a row which is to say the least exhausting . This weekend had a rocky start . As much progress as she has made there are somethings that are still really difficult .
Packing is something she does not like at all . She does not want her things touched never Mind moved . She had a huge meltdown as we were leaving , screaming . Crying , throwing herself on floor . We try to pack behind her back but it doesn’t always work out that way . She gets so upset and confused and it breaks my heart to see her so upset . Eventually she calmed down and we got her into the car .

Thankfully she did great the rest of the weekend . We had a two hour drive , Went to dinner , and checked into the hotel ; she did great !

She did good the next day at the competition . She loves her sister soo much and her little cousin who also came .

When we were packing the room up to leave I turned around and she was trying to make the bed . All by herself , it was so cute. All and all it was great weekend and she did very well .


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