Dance competition

This weekend was Kierra’s dance competition . This consistents of two nights at a hotel ,Sitting and watching in an auditorium and lots of waiting . We also are eating out at restaurants each night .

Alyssa did amazing . She had no tantrums , no screaming or protesting and was generally happy the whole time .

It has taken a long time to get to this place , and believe me I still have my guard up . Of course there are a few perks too , Alyssa loves spending time with her sisters and she also gets to swim which she also loves .

During the competition there was a routine with three special needs young adults , they put on a performance and it touched my heart . They danced to walking on sunshine and I cried watching them . Alyssa had smile while she watched , I think she somehow knew they were like her . The most amazing thing was the audiences reaction , everyone clapped and cheered these girls on . We may not be making as much progress as we would like , but we are definitely making progress and that’s a good thing .




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