Alyssa has a new favorite word ! Most of her words she will either repeat a word ( or try to ) or she will identify something that you show her a picture of ~ usually an animal or something familiar . She can also identify all of us which is awesome ! She does not use words on her own , not even Mama .. She is saying Banana ! On her own . Constantly ..

She started saying it randomly the other day , she saw one on a towel it was a monkey with bananas :
Of course I get excited and clap for her .
Now she keeps doing it , although it’s not functional she keeps saying it, it’s like she’s practicing and she is so proud of herself . And she says it like a nana it’s so cute 💜. I’ll take it after years of not even making a sounds .
Don’t know if this a sign of more to come ?? It’s a door opening , even if it’s just a little bit . That’s what this journey is all about , always finding the hope , the silver lining .

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