Alyssa has never been able to play games until this Christmas . She never had the understanding , the attention, or the desire . A lot of times when we try to include in things she gets upset and frustrated . So , a Lot of times we , I’m ashamed to say we just let her be . It’s hard to find the balance between involving her and making things hard on her and making sure she doesn’t isolate . She now has the desire to engage but she’s now quite sure how to .

I have been trying different things to include her and engage her .Also I am encouraging her to use her aac device which she resists but is helping her .

We decided to try some simple games and she’s doing great !
It also gives us a chance to get her to use her device .

She is going so good . She is actively engaged and the best part is she is having fun!!

I honesty never thought she’d be able to do something like this . She needs a little guidance but gets it . And she loves winning 🤣😂😊




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