One of the biggest barriers with autism is the processing . Alyssa is very prompt dependent and years of behavior modification have almost worked too well. For example if she eats and wants more she will just sit there , even though she is able to sign more and can even say it . She will just sit there and wait for the prompt. It drives me nuts. I want her to be able to let us know when she is hungry or wants or needs something. This goes across the board to almost everything .

She came over to me and wanted my phone , she likes to look at the pictures . She usually will just scan through them . A new skill she has is being able to point out family members or identify them when I point them out . She started pressing on certain pictures and on her own was telling me who was in each picture . On her OWN !

She correctly identified me , her Dad, Kierra , Lexi , her cousin Ariella over over . She’s also identified Mickey Mouse ( she was looking at vacation pics ) It seems like something so small , but it opening another door . And it really isn’t that small.

Also from the kitchen she said muah dada (the kiss sound ) she never calls out for us or uses our name except when asked to identify us by pointing or in pictures .
It was pretty unexpected 💜





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