Thanksgiving 2018

We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving ! I was just thinking about how wonderful it was to have Alyssa involved and for her to sit down and eat with us .She had turkey stuffing and gravy .., yes gravy .

This wasn’t always the way . There was a time where she only ate two or three different things in total . For many years she wouldn’t sit and eat , she would just bop Around the house while we ate.

As she got older she would isolate to an empty room and entertain her self . This year we had the iPad with the prologue2go app out on the table . This is huge for her . Although it wasn’t without some behaviors . She got really upset and attempted to bite herself which is not a common behavior for her . She got her self very worked up and threw a roll of paper towels at her sister . ( who was helping her with making deserts ) She used her talker to say sorry .

I helped her calm down and she was able to settle down .

She actually peeled potatoes , poured and mixed ingredients . Spread cool whip and sprinkled chocolate chips . She was an active participant in the holiday . After dinner we put on the grinch and she joined us in the living room and watched it with us . Which is another huge step for her .



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