Twenty- Two

22 with autism .. what does that mean ? That means lack of services ;it means that the school system is no longer required to provide educational services . At 22 it is decided that what ? You have reached full potential .. You are already all you can be .

I am at a total loss for the lack of resources . There are programs to help with independent living and job training but Alyssa is not there. She has made extraordinary progress this pass year ; More than I expected , I am beyond grateful . Now it lays in my hands? I have no tools , no training . How hard to I push .. what’s too much , not enough .

How are these kids left in limbo ? 22 is just a number , It does not represent any ability she has . I am beyond frustrated , Scared to hope , scared to see this progress slip away . The heart break of autism doesn’t go away . I thought I was past it had accepted what is . I haven’t … I don’t know if I ever will . My mind might , but not my heart my heart will never accept it ❤️

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