Trip to the dentist

Three years ago I attempted to bring Alyssa to the dentist … it didn’t work out . We showed her videos and pictures . Her speech therapist made a social story . We talked about it repeatedly . She screamed the whole time and they could barely look in her mouth . The only way they could do a cleaning and any other possible dental work she may need would be to book an OR room at fransicans children’s hospital put her under anesthesia. For a cleaning ? I reluctantly agreed . I know it sounds drastic but in order to blood work or even a shot she needs to be sedated . We booked the date and she ended up having a cold so I canceled the appointment and never rescheduled . I know this is something people do but it gives me so much anxiety .

I attempted to bring her again this year . I talked about , showed pictures all that stuff to help prepare her . I’m the car she was ok just saying ahh and opening her mouth . As soon as we pulled into the parking lot she started whining and protesting . In the waiting was full out crying and screaming . The dentist looked at her and said I’m sorry I think we are going to go the OR route . We brought her back to the exam room she was screaming and crying everyone staring at us ( nothing new ) We tried to calm her down and the dentist told her she just wanted to look . Alyssa calmed a bit and let her look.

Although anytime any moved at all she would start yelling and look to escape . It’s like she wanted to listen and do what we were asking but a part of her was afraid and couldn’t . The dentist and her assistant were so patient with her constantly reassuring her and coaxing her . It took a lot of coaxing and waiting but they were able to do the cleaning , however it had to be on her terms . She had to have a mirror so she could see what was happening . Part of the cleaning was done with her standing up .

Everything they did they showed her and let her touch first . Once she didn’t feel threatened they were able to get her her to sit in the chair . Kind of , she would only sit straight up she needed to know she could get out if need be

. Any time the dentist even moved she got upset , she was waiting for the other shoe to drop . The dentist got it . She understood she had to make her feel safe . I can not believe she was able to tolerate .

She did so good and we were so proud and made a big deal . I took lots of pictures and videos so she can look at them and watch them . This was a huge accomplishment for her !




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